Pragmatic Trials Collaborative

Measuring What Matters

Closing the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) Loop

Although all our pragmatic trials are carried out with the ethical and methodological rigor that will allow our findings to be shared with other health care professionals around the world (i.e. published), we are fundamentally a quality improvement organization and believe that iterative and individualized feedback to providers on how our learning is implemented, and on whether those practice changes appear to influence patient-oriented outcomes, is of paramount importance. To this end, working with a team of award winning knowledge translators, our goal is to widely disseminate any actionable learning from our trials and to provide all primary care providers in the province of Alberta with iterative feedback (both aggregate and personalized if requested) on both the rate of adoption of this behavior change (compared to their peers) and on simultaneous observed changes in relevant patient-oriented outcomes.