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Frail older adults are commonly excluded from randomized trials. This is problematic since the risks and benefits of medications can be very different in such populations. For this reason, we are conducting a second antihypertensive timing trial, similar to the community BedMed trial, within 16 Alberta Long-term Care Facilities (“nursing homes”). The norm for such facilities is to administer blood pressure (BP) medication in the morning. In BedMed-Frail, residents who do not opt out of the study are randomized to either continue with their once-daily morning BP medication, or to switch that medication to bedtime. As in BedMed, we are following participants over time and looking for differences in a variety of adverse health outcomes to determine which antihypertensive administration time is best.

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BedMed-Frail has completed enrolment and expected to begin its final analysis in spring 2024, with results reported publicly in summer 2024.